Wise Old Hand Me Downs

There’s nothing better than receiving a bunch of hand me downs – It’s like op shopping in the comfort of your own home, but laden with more gems per capita (or shall I say per garbage bag!) because unlike the treachery of op shopping, you get first bite of the cherry when scouring through hand me downs.

I couldn’t believe my luck when this vintage tribal maxi dress and this luxurious country road knit cardigan landed in my lounge room recently!

What better way to adorn the outfit than with a wise old owl I found one day whilst minding my own business – there it was, laid out before me in the middle of the grass, like a gift from the fashion gods.

Yes, I must say this whole tribal print fad is definitely vying for my attention, and it just may have succeeded. But the best thing about this outfit – it was free!

Happy Days

K xx


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