Byron Boho

My new fashion Icon, Nicole Richie. Her style is effortless boho yet sophisticated, feminine and quirky. Everything I strive for when I dress. This particular vest by none other than Winter Kate has had my eye for quite some time.

I was enjoying the fashion during a weekend at Byron Bay recently while I was there for a festival. Byron Bay is famous for a lot of things, but I think it is underrated when it comes to fashion. For me, to scour the fashion in Byron Bay is one of the main reasons I go there. The people there are so liberated and aren’t afraid to let their imaginations run wild and express themselves freely, the street fashion in this town reflects this.

Sure, Byron has its run of the mill shops with their mass produced merchandise, however if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find those fashion quirks and pieces of hidden treasure in the pre loved fashion shops and independent designer shops just out of the main hub. If you are there for a festival, then you need look no further than the markets to showcase the talent in and around Byron Bay. It really is a gold mine. And, if you aren’t lucky enough to find a piece of fashion gold, you can rest assured you will find style inspiration everywhere you look.

I was lucky enough on my last visit to stumble upon a few pieces of hidden treasure myself. The least of which is this handmade vest, which is reminiscent of Ms Richie’s Gypsy Rose Vest (above). It has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe and marked the beginning of my boho obsession.


Now, to find myself some head scarfs…

Peace out!

K x


Slouchy Pastels


Ever since I tried on these  ‘humble beginnings’ tailored trousers by Sass & Bide, made from 100% silk, slouchy tailored pants are all I can think about!  I’ll have one in each colour of the rainbow please (preferably a pastel rainbow)

Thanking the fashion gods in advance,

K xx