Missing you


Where do I start? I’ve been so busy with my work that I haven’t had a chance to visit you, I’m very sorry. K has been busy keeping our blog alive and she is so, so wonderful! I feel like I’ve been glued to my Janome. And that is just for my Seamstress work!

But with my absence, my mind has been brewing beautiful ideas of things to come. My zealousness of fashion design is all that I think of. Day & night. So I’ve promised myself to go back to that place of creativity, one that I loved so much. I will let you see what unfolds!

And my newest love… Paddle boarding. This is something that I now crave! My husband and I go for long paddles along the bay, cruising over shallow reefs filled with sea turtles and fish. It’s just amazing! I can’t even describe the calm that I feel when out there…just me and the ocean. And the sunrises, oh the sunrises! I must take a pic for you all just to see what I am feeling and seeing! There is even a little community of people out there that you say “good morning” to and “how nice is this…just magic” conversation.


It also truly gives you an amazing appreciation of our oceans, the sea life and how well we are taking care of it. I pick up rubbish down at my beach now and even out in the ocean when I’m out paddling because I see the beautiful turtles and sea life that are swimming right under my feet. You come to understand the winds and the tides and become one with your environment. It inspires me and I love it. Next stop: Fiji!


Love C xx




Byron Boho

My new fashion Icon, Nicole Richie. Her style is effortless boho yet sophisticated, feminine and quirky. Everything I strive for when I dress. This particular vest by none other than Winter Kate has had my eye for quite some time.

I was enjoying the fashion during a weekend at Byron Bay recently while I was there for a festival. Byron Bay is famous for a lot of things, but I think it is underrated when it comes to fashion. For me, to scour the fashion in Byron Bay is one of the main reasons I go there. The people there are so liberated and aren’t afraid to let their imaginations run wild and express themselves freely, the street fashion in this town reflects this.

Sure, Byron has its run of the mill shops with their mass produced merchandise, however if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find those fashion quirks and pieces of hidden treasure in the pre loved fashion shops and independent designer shops just out of the main hub. If you are there for a festival, then you need look no further than the markets to showcase the talent in and around Byron Bay. It really is a gold mine. And, if you aren’t lucky enough to find a piece of fashion gold, you can rest assured you will find style inspiration everywhere you look.

I was lucky enough on my last visit to stumble upon a few pieces of hidden treasure myself. The least of which is this handmade vest, which is reminiscent of Ms Richie’s Gypsy Rose Vest (above). It has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe and marked the beginning of my boho obsession.


Now, to find myself some head scarfs…

Peace out!

K x

The Clown wants his Pants Back!

I’m going to start this blog with a somber story. A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine’s father passed away. It was a sad time for us girls as we are all very close and couldn’t bear the thought of seeing one of our best friends going through such a hard time, and we all knew her father well. He always had a great sense of humour and saw the good in life, so it was fitting that our friend asked us not to wear all black to the funeral, but to wear colours because that is what he would have wanted.

I try to avoid wearing all black at funerals, but when I got the message about colours, I couldn’t go past this silk maxi skirt I had sitting in my wardrobe just waiting to come out and brighten someones day.


The skirt is one I designed myself and it was sewn together with the impeccable skills of Mrs C herself.  It is high waisted, lightweight,  silk, and well, slightly transparent. I have a thing against lining, I much prefer petticoats, or something of the like, under my designs. With such a bold skirt, I had to be mindful that I was attending a somber occasion and I toned it down with a black t-shirt dress (doubling as a ‘petticoat’) and tights, neutral jacket and boots.

The funeral was a Friday afternoon, so I wore this outfit to work first. On my walk to work, I couldn’t help but notice that the skirt was definitely turning heads, and bringing smiles to people’s faces! It’s so rare to see someone wearing such bright colours in the midst of winter, and i honestly think this eye catching skirt added a little brightness to people’s day. I even had one lady stop me in the street to tell me that my skirt was really beautiful.

I was a little apprehensive about wearing the skirt to the funeral, had I been too bold, too presumptions to wear such bright clothing on such a sad occasion?  I was relieved when I arrived and saw a room full of people in bright scarves, floral outfits, white dresses, and even men in Hawaiian shirts. My beautiful friend was wearing a long aqua blue dress and looked angelic as she said a heart wrenching  farewell to her father. The colours were a really lovely touch, and a very fitting goodbye to one of the most kindhearted and loving souls I have ever met.


Afterwards, at the wake, we celebrated the life of one amazing man, with champagne of course. One of my friends and I decided to post a picture of us with our champagne on Facebook.  After many lovely comments from some friends on the photo, my brother piped up and commented “the clown wants his pants back”.  Well, brothers always have a way of bursting your bubble don’t they!  I must say, I did have a bit of a chuckle at this, but it won’t stop me from wearing this skirt again. It’s worth it for the sunshine it brings to me alone from wearing it, and I like to believe that it did bring a little ray of sunshine into an otherwise cloudy day, metaphorically speaking.

K x

This blog (and skirt) is dedicated to an amazing man, Glenn Sage, and his even more amazing daughter Debbie Sage. Love you xxx

The Temper Trap

I know this blog is supposed to be about fashion, but i did say that it would also be about stuff that matters. Right now, I’d like to talk about my second passion, music. To me, music matters. Like fashion, music is not simply the noise you are listening to, it’s in the streets, it verbalises the collective consciousness that is happening in society, politically, emotionally and societally,

Every once in a while a band will speak to your heart. This is what I’ve found in The Temper Trap. Their second self titled album lives up the to the expectations of the critics after their award winning first album, in my opinion, it exceeds  expectations.

The Temper Trap is not pop, so to speak, you don’t listen to one song once and love it. It takes two or three listens to really get the meaning, and understand the feelings the song is trying to convey.  In my experience, the most amazing people in my life have been earned this way, and I like to think its the same with bands. The best ones aren’t catering to your needs, they wait for you to cater to them, to spend the time to get to know what they stand for and what their about.  The best music communicates feelings. The Temper Trap do this with conviction.

‘So throw me a line, somebody out there help me, I’m on my own’. Just a few lines from their hit single Trembling Hands from their second self titled album. Its heart wrenching, soulful, open, and uninhibited when it comes to feelings and emotions. Even if you’re not experiencing the feelings they’re singing about right now,  if you’ve ever felt the pangs of heartbreak, if you’ve ever felt deserted, alone, lonely – the songs on this album speak these feelings, like a journal you’ve been keeping, come to life.  You’ll find yourself relating, and even reliving, those feelings you’d long forgotten.

Thats the magic of the temper trap’s lead singer, Dougy Mandagi. It’s the conviction in his voice. There is something about his execution that conveys the emotions and the depth of the lyrics which resonates in your soul.

Truly  Amazing. For anyone who appreciates the kind of music that will speak to your heart and awaken your soul, check it out, The Temper Trap.


K xx

Guess what makes me weak at the knees

It’s no secret, i’m a self confessed shoe-aholic. It doesn’t take much for a pair of shoes to make me drool but when it comes to Guess shoes, I’m not exaggerating when I say they make me weak at the knees. Here I was wandering around in a sea of designer shoes at the David Jones shoe sale, I mean there were Oroton, DKNY, Armani, Florsheim, Milana shoes there for the taking, I was in my element – But when I got to the Guess table with 40% off – well lets just say the world stopped, I started salivating and yep, I went weak at the knees.

Somebody please tell me who designs the shoes for Guess, because I am absolutely in awe.  I had to exercise every ounce of self control not to splurge as I walked out of that shoe sale empty handed. “No K” I said to myself “you have enough Guess shoes, you don’t need more”…

Well, now I’m home, let’s recap on my Guess shoe collection and see whether I do in fact need more…

First, there’s the leopard print heels with a hint of red.  Great for dressing up some plain black pants or a skirt at the office, or with a racy LBD on a night out.











Then there’s my faithful Sexy Black heels, that never fail to impress and go with anything!


These shoes are made for comfort  too – I brought them to wear to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup and I wore them without any pain from 9am right through  until 2am!


Yes, these ones have  definitely earned their place in my closet!









And last but not least the ever so functional kitten heel points (yes, Guess make sensible shoes sometimes too!)

So,What is the answer to the question:

Do I have enough Guess shoes?

NO! of course I don’t. I don’t feel a  sense of satisfaction or pride from walking away from that Guess sale at David Jones empty handed.  In fact, I think I failed miserably!  Clearly what I need are MORE Guess shoes in my wardrobe, they’re amazing, functional, and sexy! Nice one sensible K  pffft that’s the last time I listen to you.  First chance I get, I’m going back to that sale, and I won’t be walking away empty handed!

Dreaming of Guess….

K xx

Strangely Inside Out,

Remember Emily the Strange? Last week I inherited a vintage jumper by Emily the Strange. It was strange and I didn’t much care for the pattern with bones all over it.


I quickly realised that i much preferred to wear it inside out!  So much so that I removed the pocket and buttons from the outside, and sewed them on the inside. Now, I can wear vintage Emily the Strange, inside out… or outside out, as i now see it. Thanks Emily!

K xx


Gloves with Glam!


Winter is well and truly here. It was only last week I was walking to work with freezing hands, not even my jacket pockets were keeping them warm!  Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, my ever amazing Mum was busily working away on her latest project, “Gloves with glam”.  Being in such high demand, all of her work colleagues, coffee shop attendants, daughters and daughters in law now have a pair to help them through these cold winter mornings.

These adorable gloves certainly bring warmth to my mornings and the cute embellishments never fail to bring a smile to my face and instantly brighten my day 🙂