The Temper Trap

I know this blog is supposed to be about fashion, but i did say that it would also be about stuff that matters. Right now, I’d like to talk about my second passion, music. To me, music matters. Like fashion, music is not simply the noise you are listening to, it’s in the streets, it verbalises the collective consciousness that is happening in society, politically, emotionally and societally,

Every once in a while a band will speak to your heart. This is what I’ve found in The Temper Trap. Their second self titled album lives up the to the expectations of the critics after their award winning first album, in my opinion, it exceeds  expectations.

The Temper Trap is not pop, so to speak, you don’t listen to one song once and love it. It takes two or three listens to really get the meaning, and understand the feelings the song is trying to convey.  In my experience, the most amazing people in my life have been earned this way, and I like to think its the same with bands. The best ones aren’t catering to your needs, they wait for you to cater to them, to spend the time to get to know what they stand for and what their about.  The best music communicates feelings. The Temper Trap do this with conviction.

‘So throw me a line, somebody out there help me, I’m on my own’. Just a few lines from their hit single Trembling Hands from their second self titled album. Its heart wrenching, soulful, open, and uninhibited when it comes to feelings and emotions. Even if you’re not experiencing the feelings they’re singing about right now,  if you’ve ever felt the pangs of heartbreak, if you’ve ever felt deserted, alone, lonely – the songs on this album speak these feelings, like a journal you’ve been keeping, come to life.  You’ll find yourself relating, and even reliving, those feelings you’d long forgotten.

Thats the magic of the temper trap’s lead singer, Dougy Mandagi. It’s the conviction in his voice. There is something about his execution that conveys the emotions and the depth of the lyrics which resonates in your soul.

Truly  Amazing. For anyone who appreciates the kind of music that will speak to your heart and awaken your soul, check it out, The Temper Trap.


K xx