Nail polish, it makes the world go round!

Forgive me fellow bloggers I have been remiss! I have been busy working on some creative projects, which i’m sure you will hear about on here shortly.   Today, however I  wanted to share with you a simple revelation I discovered today.

Last week I was quite sick, I spent a very boring weekend at home alone mostly, and the weather here the last few days has been nothing but miserable. All of these things have affected my mood and I’ve been feeling less than upbeat over the last week.  Today, while I was sitting at my desk doing work that generally does the oppposite of bringing a smile to my face, I decided I was going to do something today to cheer myself up. I decided to head to the nail salon on my lunch break to get my nails painted.

I underestimated the effect this would have on me!  Who would have thought a $12 file and polish would put a smile on my face.  But it had the desired affect and now everytime I glance down at at the bright, burnt orange on my nails, it brightens up my day and lifts my mood.  This colour is called “A role in the Hague” by OPI.

Such a simple little thing, and I feel like my day has been turned around. With this effect, everyone should have colours on their nails! the world would be a brighter, happier place!  OPI have a great range of bright, eye catching colours, with great colour names like “who needs a prince” pale pink, “My chihuaha bites”, bright orange, “You’re such a Kabooki Queen” coral, who could resist?

Yep, Nail polish, it makes the world go round 🙂

K xx