Let’s Go Sailing!

I fell in love with the nautical look this winter. It reminds me of Summer and the Ocean. Some of my most favourite things in the world.

Maybe I’m just already looking forward to Summer coming, like I always do in Winter and maybe I’m also a bit in denial when Winter rocks around that I hold onto things that remind me of Summer.

It’s a vicious cycle every year really. I just love Summer so much here! Mind you, our winters are very beautiful and I even went Stand Up Paddle Boarding (supping)  last weekend and the water was amazingly fresh and clear! And now I’m just dreaming of Summer as I look out at the ocean and I’m totally diverting from what I really wanted to talk about – Nautical!

So, I love navy & white stripes and red together. And when I found these jeans I knew this was the moment I could finally make this look work! So it began. I needed striped tops badly and since then have bought 5 tops in some sort of stripe in the last 2 months. It’s becoming borderline obsessive. But I figure I will get great wear out of them come Summer with my tangerine maxi skirt (yes that colour works too), my white linen pants and I may just have to whip up a cute knee-length red skirt too!

And these are my quirky butterfly shoes straight from New York, which I know have nothing to do with Nautical, but hey, they’re awesome! I will always be fond of these shoes.


And they go effortlessly with my red jeans! What do you think?

I have been trying to find a good pair of nude heels to complete the look, but alas, when you’re looking for something in particular it’s nowhere to be seen!

I will keep you updated on my epic search for the infamous nude heels…

C x