Missing you


Where do I start? I’ve been so busy with my work that I haven’t had a chance to visit you, I’m very sorry. K has been busy keeping our blog alive and she is so, so wonderful! I feel like I’ve been glued to my Janome. And that is just for my Seamstress work!

But with my absence, my mind has been brewing beautiful ideas of things to come. My zealousness of fashion design is all that I think of. Day & night. So I’ve promised myself to go back to that place of creativity, one that I loved so much. I will let you see what unfolds!

And my newest love… Paddle boarding. This is something that I now crave! My husband and I go for long paddles along the bay, cruising over shallow reefs filled with sea turtles and fish. It’s just amazing! I can’t even describe the calm that I feel when out there…just me and the ocean. And the sunrises, oh the sunrises! I must take a pic for you all just to see what I am feeling and seeing! There is even a little community of people out there that you say “good morning” to and “how nice is this…just magic” conversation.


It also truly gives you an amazing appreciation of our oceans, the sea life and how well we are taking care of it. I pick up rubbish down at my beach now and even out in the ocean when I’m out paddling because I see the beautiful turtles and sea life that are swimming right under my feet. You come to understand the winds and the tides and become one with your environment. It inspires me and I love it. Next stop: Fiji!


Love C xx